Steve Harris (theno23) wrote,
Steve Harris


So, the 2nd Garlik project, QDOS ( was launched at Somerset House last night

[√] Hungover
[√] Very tired
[√] Watching logs

Was a pretty big project, the software is very complicated, and there's a load of data in there. Was about 3 months from beginning to end, but the last 3 weeks of hte build were pretty hellish.

If anyone wants bumping up the invite queue, just give me a shout.

The RDF geeks out there can get at some of the workings, eg. can be conneg'd as turtle, or you can fetch directly. The raw stats are expressed in RDF too, and rdf:seeAlso'd from the FOAFish stuff, but for some reason you can't reference those URIs and I ran out of time before the code freeze to make that work.

We don't speak RDF/XML yet, for a variety of reasons - all the data we created internally was in turtle anyway, and RDF/XML is just a bit too icky. There will be some sort of API in the future, but that's no built yet.

There are a few features that our RDF engine is missing which wuld have made the build much easier, but it's very hard to predict exactly what you're going to want in the future.
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