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Misc update

I've not posted anything for a while (been extra busy), so a quick catchup.

Kitchen was finished a month or so ago, really happy with it now but it was a pain while it was being done.
The last things to be done were installing the worksurface (it had to be specially machined) cf. background of M6 picture, and replacing a duff bearing in a pullout cupboard thing.

Replaced the lounge flooring. In a moment of enthusiasm Lucy and I decided to do it ourselves. Took two trips to the the wood-shop, filling the boot of my car with beech planks (probably shortening the life of my suspension) and two very unpleasant days to lay, but its done now. Looks good.

That's all the major work for now - still need to get a small shed for the back "garden" to keep bikes and garden stuff in. At some point we want to replace the upstairs bathroom too - but that can wait.

Still not sure what to do about the garden small patch of weeds out back. I have absolutely no interest in it, but concreting over it would be unwise given how much a bit of foliage adds to property value here. OTOH it seems a bit excessive to hire a gardener to look after 30-odd m2 of dirt.
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