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So, I've just arrived.

The hotel room is moderatly normal, apart from the bank of switches by my bed labelled "Lobby", "TV", "Floor", "Do Not" and "Table". Sadly none of them seem to do anything, even "Do Not".

I'm scraping a small ammount of internet out of a hole in the wall, about 3k/s, for Y60/day. I think that's cheap, but I don't want to waste bytes finding out, I'm using all the spare ones to download gimp so I can edit photos to post on flickr. It's going to take another hour.

LJ appears to be blocked, I had to connect to the server at home and post from there on text link, so it will be flickr only unless I can figure out a better way.

I watched TV for a bit earlier yesterday, or possibly later today. Chinese TV is way less insular than Japanese, and more entertaining, but still hard to watch. The news coverage of the olypic tourch protests seems to be much higher profile than the UK press was making out. They had inteviews with people in the US talking about it on one of the main TV channels.

The TV remote is pretty alien, it has the obvious stuff, plus Pi, Root, 1/X, and some Chinese characters I don't grok. I tried pressing Pi, and a menu with a picture of a cartoon cow, waggling it's ears appeared. Not quite sure what that's for, but I was scared to pick any of the options incase it ordered smething I didn't want. Other buttons make some kind of panda/bear appear.

Biggst problem with hotel is the LACK OF COFFEE. At this point I'm considering licking the walls for residual cafiene.

Right, going to take some photos and meet up with friends for dinner now.
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