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A new kind of scary

Drove home from Liverpool last night. The motorways were fine, and the major London roads were OK, bar the usual sociopathic bus drivers - who were still pulling out without looking or any kind of warning when there's ice on the ground. Cocks.

However, the minor road off Kennington lane to our road was ungritted, and had a thick layer of snow over sheet ice. I got very sideways at about 15mph with almost no throttle, trying to get down it. Almost slid into a merc, but luckily didn't instinctively go for the brakes and managed to steer out of it.

Trying to get onto the drive was equally interesting, it must have all of a 5º slope, but I was spinning the wheels trying to get traction, eventully managed to get up it, only slightly diagonally.

There's essentially no trains running today, and the tube line that goes that way is out, so working from home.
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